Who can submit a report?
All external parties such as clients, business partners and suppliers can submit a report.
What can be reported?
All concrete observations can be reported that indicate
  • criminal offences (in particular fraud and incorrect accounting, corruption)
  • violations of other legal regulations
  • Conduct that could cause significant damage to our company (e.g. disregarding conflicts of interest, i.e. business decisions are made in private interests).

Observations that merely indicate undesirable behavior in the company's interest that does not have a significant impact (e.g. unfriendly behavior in everyday work) should not be reported. Reports with such content will not be processed.
How can reports be made?
There are three possible internal reporting channels:
  • IT platform
  • telephone
  • personal meeting

Through the platform, anonymous reports can also be made with additional anonymous communication, including the transmission of files.
Am I protected when making reports?
The content of the report and the communication with the reporting office on the IT platform is protected against unauthorized viewing to a high standard. Easyline can be used completely anonymously. If you disclose your personal data, it will be accessible to our case handlers, the case handlers of our independent consultant Compliance Kompakt (CK), and any other case handlers called in during an internal investigation to clarify the situation.

It cannot be ruled out that we may have to disclose to the affected individuals the source from which their personal data originated. If we know the identity of the reporting person, the person who is the subject of the report may learn who accused them. Therefore, we advise you to submit reports anonymously via Easyline.

Please note that your IP address cannot be traced and is not stored. You can obtain further information on anonymity, the procedure and data protection directly on our platform.
Who receives the report?
The notification is received on our behalf by Compliance Kompakt (www.compliancekompakt.de) as an independent consultant. CK closely collaborates with our case handlers, communicates with the reporting person and advises us on any action that may be necessary to address the matter. Our case handlers also have direct access to the content of reports and communications with the reporting person.
How can the reporting person communicate with CK?
Using the case ID and the associated password, the reporting person can log in to easyline at any time, communicate with the CK case handlers (also anonymously), respond to their questions, provide additional information if necessary, and upload files. Both the case ID and password are automatically assigned when submitting the report via easyline.
What happens after a report?
In the case of substantiated reports, we will investigate the matter to the extent possible and take the necessary actions.
What information does the reporting person receive?
The reporting person will promptly receive a confirmation of receipt of their report and will be informed of the outcome of the investigations and any consequences drawn, if applicable.
Where can I find the privacy policy?
You can find our joint privacy policy with CK at: Data protection